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About DMR Virtual

Dave Ramsey, founder of DMR Virtual & Webservices, developed an immediate passion for working with businesses to help them project the vision and imagery of their establishments upon first engaging in the googlemaps development team in 2015. Initial services were stunning photography and virtual tour imaging, but quickly even more robust dynamic online content was added.

DMR has expanded their own digital services team to enable clients a rich and diverse array of offerings including videography, google page enhancement, general online optimization, event and product photos/videos, and website development.

Google’s #1 Ranked Chicagoland Google Maps Trusted Photographer for 5 years running (2018-2023).

The process of imaging an aesthetically pleasing facility: whether a Banquet Hall, Sports Facility, or any other business that has been strategically decorated and constructed and furnished is an exhilirating endeavor. Over the years DMR has had the privilege of working daily with Hotels, Resorts, Doctors Offices, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Fitness and Sports Facilities, and any other imaginable venue, property and business one can imagine.

When you work with DMR your business establishment receives the benefits of a photographer and business developer who has honed an artistic eye to a high degree of expertise. We can create a tour for you that provides viewers with the authentic “feel” of your building, both inside and out. This is achieved not just by taking fancy pictures but by meticulously controlling the lighting, angles, and other details that might be overlooked by others.

DMR was credentialed as a googlemaps photography agency in April of 2016. Since then our company’s google specialization services have expanded into google 360 drone mapping, google blueline streetmapping, custom 360 overlay directory mapping tours, dynamic still photography and drone photography for businesses to dynamic show angles of their building and property from both the interior and exterior,

Most businesses and digital users are well aware of the impact googlemaps has on the projection of the footprint and presentation of business property offerings and environment. Whether using googlemaps to see where a business is located, what the property and interior appearance is, or simply searching for a place to eat, sleep, find a doctor or find a particular item, the googlemaps platform remians the most familiar, dynamic and powerful platform there is for digital information and any serious business should want a strong presence for their digital user base. DMR has embraced the platform, learned the ins and outs and delights in helping businesses to optimize their presence on google and other social media sites that are found through google search.

Website development is a great compliment to google maps presence, as a good google maps presentation usually leads to users seeking more information via the buisnesses unique website, and then exploring many additional social media sites for further info. To this day it still all starts with google for most people which is why DMR maintains loyalty to the platform by utilizing and embracing and unlocking its enormous impact for clients.

The #1 Chicagoland ranking that DMR continues to hold for 5 years running is due to the professionalism, reliability, cost effectiveness, and diversity of the mapping services delivered to google business clients in having the mappings and virtual tours done by the DMR Team.

Core Services:

Online Presence Enhancement

Visual Content Creation

Aerial and Specialized Imaging

Online Presence Enhancement

Google Business Page Expertise

  • Since 2015 DMR has worked hand in hand with the google my business program by helping businesses get verified, gain access to pages, and resolve all sorts of issues for clients to get pertinent information out about their business on the greatest and most used online platform in existence.

Website Development

  • Beyond google almost every business should have a well functioning website and domain of their own where only the content and message that the business wants to portray is articulated and shown with their own unique design and footprint.

Social Media and Online Advertising

  • Clients have many avenues that they chose to utilize and follow such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, AppleMaps and many others.
  • Some clients seek to advertise on these platforms
  • DMR has a team with experience in positioning and creatively getting businesses the exposure and market presence they desire.

Visual Content Creation

Google Streetview Mapping updates

  • Exterior drone 360 imaging
  • Exterior Ground 360 imaging and tours
  • Indoor 360 virtual imaging (ground based and drone imaging)
  • Blue Line mapping (making continuous lines on googlemaps for streets and parks and business properties.

Custom 360 Tours

  • Overlay menu directory tours
  • Hotspots, (Info, Photo and video pop ups within 360 tours)

Still Photography

  • Hotel Room,
  • Business photos,
  • Food/Drink
  • Product photogrpahy
  • Staff photos

Aerial and Specialized Imaging

DMR has worked on websites for all types of businesses including

  • Fitness/Sports/Park District facilities like the Willowbrook Burr Ridge Sports Performance Center, To the Next Level Training aAcademy.
  • Hotels: like The Quality Inn Ohare Airport
  • Retail Stores with Robust Online Stores such as Berwyns Toy Trains
  • And of course Many Restaurants, Salons, Nail Spas, Vape and Smoke shops, Sportscards and memorabilia stores and any other type of business you can imagine.


  • Years of experience in capturing video content by drone and ground
  • Skills in creating content and creative development of video to showcase what any business wants to present to the public

Drone Photography

  • Stills,
  • 360s,
  • high angles,
  • close angles
  • Skilled expertise in difficult to get shots
  • Videos


Naperville Dental Specialist Dr. Ibrahim endorses DMR