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Since 2015, Our Top Clients Have Consistently Chosen To Work With Us For Several Compelling Reasonss With Nearly A Deecade 0f Experience, We Have Honed Our Skits And Developed A Deep Understanding Ot Capturing Compelling. High-Quaity Images That Resonate With Audiences. Our Recognition As Google's Top-Ranked Photographer Underscores Our Commitment To Excelence And Ability To Deliver Outstanding Rosuits, We Prioritize Our Clients' Needs. Ensuring Each Project 1s Tallored To Meet Thelr Specitic Goals Through A Collaborative Process That Erings Thelr Vision To Life. By Stayling Ahead Of fndustry Trends And Corntinousy Improving Our Craft, We Offer Cutting-Edg Photograpby Solutions That Keep Our Clents Visual Content Fresh And Engaging. Dur Porttolo Showcases A Consistent Trck Record Of Delivering Stunning Visuals That Enhance Our Clients Brand Presence And Marketing Efforts, Fostering Trust And Long- Term Partnerships These Factors, Combined With Our Passion For Photography And Dedication To Our Clients Success, Make Us The Preferred Choice For Many Top Clients Since 2015.

For the past several years, DMR has proudly held the distinction of being Google's number one trusted photographer in the Chicagoland area. This prestigious recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and our passion for capturing the essence of every moment. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has established us as the top choice for photography services, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience and results.


Welcome to DMR Virtual, where we specialize in creating captivating and engaging content tailored to elevate your business. Our team of skilled creatives are passionate about storyteling and committed to delivering high- quality videos that resonate with your audience and drive results.

Why Choose Us?

* Engaging Content for Marketing: We create content that capture attention
and keep your audience engaged, perfect for boosting your marketing
* Showcase Your Offerings: Our content effectively communicate the value of
your products, services, and offerings, attracting more customers.
* Storytelling and Brand Narrative: We help you convey your brand’s story,
values, and personality through compelling video content.
* Stunning Aerial Perspectives: Our drone videography services add a unique
and breathtaking perspective to your content.
* Versatile Content: We provide versatile video content that can be
repurposed across multiple platforms, ensuring you reach and engage your
audience wherever they are.

About DMR Virtual

Dave Ramsey, founder of DMR Virtual & Webservices, developed an immediate passion for working with businesses to help them project the vision and imagery of their establishments upon first engaging in the Google Maps development team in 2015. Initial services were Stunning Photography and Virtual Tour Imaging, Subsequently even more robust dynamic online content services were added with the expansion of the team.

Why DMR is the best Google Mapping development team there is? By combining our photo editing and attentiveness to details we do things that no other company does, DMR has expanded their own digital services team to enable clients a rich and diverse array of offerings including Videography, Google Page Enhancement, General Online Optimization, Event and Product Photos/Videos, and Website Development.


Discover Our Portfolio: Where Creativity Comes to Life

Are you eager to explore the tangible results of our dedication? Click here to discover a plethora of captivating projects showcased on our dedicated work page. Linked through eight vibrant images, each accompanied by a concise caption, these visual snippets act as portals to a realm where our craftsmanship truly shines.

Take a glimpse into our diverse portfolio, ranging from sleek web designs to compelling branding campaigns. Each click opens the door to a detailed showcase of our work, allowing you to witness the passion and precision that go into every project. Join us on this visual journey by clicking on any image that catches your eye, and let our work tell its own compelling story. The gateway to inspiration is just a click away!

Google’s #1 Ranked Chicagoland Google Maps Trusted Photographer for 5 years running (2018-2023).

Initial services were stunning photography and expert virtual tour imaging. As David grew with the Google Maps and Google My Business programs, he became a Google Maps trusted verifier. This role allows him to directly engage with both clients and the Google Engineering Team to quickly verify businesses and make them live on Google Maps. His diligence and deep learning of the ins and outs of Google Services also enable him to solve simple to very complex Google Listing Issues.

We utilize the Google Maps Drone Imaging technology whenever possible for exteriors and interiors to get unique angles and vantage points for 360 Images that present a much more immersive and specialized view of venues and facilities.

We take the time to carefully light balance color edit and develop each photo using Lightroom and Photoshop which other maps editors are not taking the time to do.

We also carefully assess your facility to give the most economically efficient and promotion friendly tour so that you’re not paying for extra unneeded work or costs that other editors are charging. Other maps service providers automatically train their staff to overcharge by adding extra imaging that isn’t productive to the project.

David is now also an Apple Maps Partner and can quickly get businesses listed on the very important Apple Maps platform. As David further evolved the DMR business with more team members even more robust dynamic online content services were added to enhance the digital services packaging available for clients.

Core Services:

Online Presence Enhancement

Visual Content Creation

Aerial and Specialized Imaging

Online Presence Enhancement

Google Business Page Expertise

  • Since 2015 DMR has worked hand in hand with the google my business program by helping businesses get verified, gain access to pages, and resolve all sorts of issues for clients to get pertinent information out about their business on the greatest and most used online platform in existence.

Website Development

  • Beyond Google almost every business should have a well functioning website and domain of their own where only the content and message that the business wants to portray is articulated and shown with their own unique design and footprint.

Social Media and Online Advertising

  • Clients have many avenues that they chose to utilize and follow such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Apple Maps and many others.
  • Some clients seek to advertise on these platforms
  • DMR has a team with experience in positioning and creatively getting businesses the exposure and market presence they desire.

Visual Content Creation

Google Street View Mapping updates

  • Exterior Drone 360 Imaging
  • Exterior Ground 360 Imaging and Tours
  • Indoor 360 Virtual Imaging (Ground Based and Drone Imaging)
  • Blue Line mapping (making continuous lines on Google Maps for streets and parks and business properties)

Custom 360 Tours

  • Overlay menu directory tours
  • Hotspots, (Info, Photo and Video Pop Ups within 360 Tours)

Still Photography

  • Hotel Room,
  • Business photos,
  • Food/Drink
  • Product Photography
  • Staff Photos

Aerial and Specialized Imaging

DMR has worked on websites for all types of businesses including

  • Fitness/Sports/Park District facilities like the Willowbrook Burr Ridge Sports Performance Center, To the Next Level Training Academy.
  • Hotels: like The Quality Inn O’Hare Airport
  • Retail Stores with Robust Online Stores such as Berwyns Toy Trains
  • And of course Many Restaurants, Salons, Nail Spas, Vape and Smoke shops, Sports cards and memorabilia stores and any other type of business you can imagine.


  • Years of experience in capturing video content by drone and ground
  • Skills in creating content and creative development of video to showcase what any business wants to present to the public

Drone Photography

  • Stills,
  • 360s,
  • High Angles,
  • Close Angles
  • Skilled expertise in difficult to get shots
  • Videos


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Andrew Just, co-owner of the Burkhart Company, discusses working with DMR for drone video promo coverage and editing to showcase their nationally renowned custom cabinet making business in their historical downtown Louisville Kentucky creative design production building.

Dr Ibrahim co-owner of Naperville Dental Specialists in downtown Naperville, Illinois. recommends DMR for high quality virtual mapping to present transparency and quality of business environment to potential clients and patients.

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