Over our 8 years as an elite level Google Maps and Video Content Developer we have worked with every business type imaginable.

The process of imaging an aesthetically pleasing facility: whether a Banquet Hall, Sports Facility, or any other business that has been strategically decorated and constructed and furnished is an exhilarating endeavor. Over the years DMR has had the privilege of working daily with Hotels, Resorts, Doctors Offices, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Fitness and Sports Facilities, and any other imaginable venue, property and business one can imagine.

Most businesses and digital users are well aware of the impact Google Maps has on the projection of the footprint and presentation of business property offerings and environment.

Whether using Google Maps to see where a business is located, what the property and interior appearance is, or simply searching for a place to eat, sleep, find a doctor or find a particular item, the Google Maps platform remains the most familiar, dynamic and powerful platform there is for digital information and any serious business should want a strong presence for their digital user base. DMR has embraced the platform, learned the ins and outs and delights in helping businesses to optimize their presence on google and other social media sites that are found through google search.

Website development is a great compliment to google maps presence, as a good Google Maps presentation usually leads to users seeking more information via the businesses unique website, and then exploring many additional social media sites for further info. To this day it still all starts with google for most people which is why DMR maintains loyalty to the platform by utilizing and embracing and unlocking its enormous impact for clients.

Search for the business type that best matches yours to see examples and begin the creative process of determining how you want to best present your business in the digital world.