Below:    An example of a large scale tour of 70 (360 panos) for 5 separate suites connected and mapped together with a custom overlay menu so the user can jump to any of the 5 suite entrances.  This is a great tool for Malls, or connected businesses which wish to cross promote.

This tour contains Naperville Dental Specialists, Innovative Orthodontics, Innovative Pediatric Dentistry, and their surgical and spa suites in downtown Naperville (231,241, 251,261,271) at the Main Street Promenade. A few areas such as the Kidz Cave and Kidz FLix appear in the menu numerous times so the viewer of any of the sites can be linked to those areas of the practice immediately.

As you can see there are 7 main menu tabs on the left side. 6 of the tabs have an arrow with a drop down menu, which contian 10-15 sub areas relating to the main menu. 5 contain tours of the suites and the 6th is the promenade entrance and the 7th directs a user immediately to the parking lot. The viewer can follow the whole tour from any area the start with and can at any time jump out of the tour and move to an area in any of the menus.